The Price Of The Electric Towel Rack Is Determined By The Craft And Materials

- Dec 14, 2018-

The price of the electric towel rack  is determined by the craft and materials.

The electric towel rack is divided into a variety of heating methods. At present, there are four types

 of heating methods on the market: heating liquid heating rod heating, alloy heating wire heating, 

carbon fiber heating  and heating cable heating. These four types of heating elements are removed 

from the thermal fluid heating rods and the rest are the latest technology heating elements. Among 

them, the carbon fiber heating wire is the best solution, and the difference between the other two 

heating elements is that the carbon fiber heating wire has the characteristics of stable nature, 

extreme temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, fast heating, and the wire is not arcing and is 

not energized, so as to prevent fire hazard. In terms of price, it is lower than the heating cable of the

 alloy heating wire. The alloy heating wire product has the highest temperature limit, so it can only 

be used for warming towels, and does not have the effect of drying and heating. The heating cable 

is not easy to assemble and costly due to the material limitations of the product. Kadiyo electric 

towel racks use carbon fiber heating wire as the core, putting user experience first, product 

performance and product innovation is the most important part of Kadiyo Electric towel 

warmer .

Kadiyo Electric towel warmer  brings you a warm home.