The Attention Of The Baby's Family You Need A Heated Towel Rail To Care For The Health Of The Mother And Child

- Feb 18, 2019-

The attention of the baby's family! You need a heated towel rail to care for the health of  the mother and child

Kadiyo's electric towel rack has become the focus of the public by virtue of its value and strength.

Some people call it a variety of cards, every day can see a different Kadiyo electric towel rack, sometimes tall and stalwart, sometimes petite and pleasant, styles to burst!

These metaphors are not too much! Kadiyo electric towel rack has the effect of sterilization . With the carbon fiber line heating line as the core, it can effectively kill 99.99% of mold, ensure the dry and clean towel clothes, and care for the health of the baby and family from the source.

Sterilization and sterilization is only a singularity of  Kadiyo. It also has the function of heating in the bathroom. The principle is the same as the electric heater. Its shape can effectively dissipate heat. It is suitable for most southern families. The intelligent temperature control system can adjust the temperature, save energy and protect the environment. Health and Safety.

Its fast drying mode, with a heater to achieve the purpose of bathroom heating and laundry drying. The powerful warm air system ensures the rapid drying of the clothes while reducing the bacteria that are caused by the dampness of the bathroom.