Subverting The Traditional Single Bar Electric Towel Rack

- Feb 19, 2019-

A good double-bar towel rack must be made of high-quality materials and the craftsmanship is very unique. It is guaranteed to be used in a humid environment for a long time, will not rust, will not bend and break, and is resistant to corrosion and water. The practical effect of the electric towel rack is not known to the domestic people. The bacteria that the bath towel and the towel breed in the humid environment for a long time are very terrible. The electric towel rack keeps the towel dry at any time, which makes you do it every day. The first thing is to stay away from bacteria. Safe and reliable to use, anti-leakage protection, integrated power plug, 100% copper core wire, to prevent overheating, to ensure safe use of electricity, the switch passed the quality inspection verification, safe and practical, and the bathroom heater has intelligent anti-dry control , Long life PTC heater, intelligent constant temperature, safe and reliable, efficient to provide stable heat; UV disinfection function, sterilization. Energy-saving, low-cost, intelligent chip, low-temperature heating, surface temperature of about 50 degrees Celsius, not hot, will not burn the clothes; healthy electric towel rack can let the wet towel dry quickly, whether it is wet weather or Rainy weather, to ensure the dryness of the towel, especially in the rainy season, towels and bath towels will appear moldy. Double towel rack can keep, the bathroom dehumidification family's toiletries are hygienic and safe, can prevent bacterial virus breeding At the same time, it can also bear certain fabric functions. I was either hung on the balcony and the sun was shining, my face was full of dust, my face was so dry and uncomfortable; or I was staying in the bathroom with the most dark and humid bacteria and bacteria growing up, making me not only yellow Black, sometimes with an unpleasant smell. Every time I go to Nantian and the wet days of winter and spring, it is the day when I am guilty of "sickness" and the towel is dry and uncomfortable! The height of the towel rack should be within the range, and it should be considered when installing the towel rack. Important issues. The reasonable height of the towel rack can be used to achieve convenient and comfortable use, otherwise the towel rack will become a dispensable device. Hello everyone! My name is "towel". I have a family big enough. Big towels, small towels, bath towels and napkins are all my family members! We are born beautiful and generous, our mission is to have no regrets and intimacy. Take care of our owners, wash your face, shower, make-up, hand rub, sanitation, etc. The double-bar towel rack subverts the traditional single-bar towel rack to make it more widely used. Can be used by many people. The clothes drying double towel rack has more space and can keep the dry EDK of the towel dry to prevent bacterial infection.