Structure Installation And Purchase Of Towel Rack

- Nov 30, 2018-

1, single-layer, multi-layered;

2, a shot, a multi-pole;

3, one end closed, closed at both ends;

4, spacing fixed type, active type;

5, screw fixed type, suction cup type, screw fixed suction cup can be installed;

6, Hook type. In contrast, one end of the closed is more closed than the two ends, in the convenience of the connection is better, especially when the multi-bar structure, the advantages are more obvious.

Although the two ends of the multi-bar closed, especially inside one of the use of the existence of a very inconvenient defect, but for those who allow the installation of less space out of the wall can only be a lack of choice, installation space conditions are really too poor some can only be solved in the form of hooks.

Multi-bar Active type, if the use of all, because of the expansion angle is large, the occupied space is not imagined there is so little, otherwise by the fixed end of the towel will be affixed together, pick up when the other will hang the other one. With regard to sucker-style, some sellers use a story that fell in the middle of the night and thought they had gone into the thief to belittle the suction cup, imagine that a person has fallen a hand when walking, because there should be road problems, their own problems, or other problems. Suction cup type installation characteristics, cheap and other advantages are obvious to all, the reliability of the powerful vacuum suction cup also satisfies the normal use of suction cup towel rack, very little drop situation.

Otherwise, there will not be so many buyers of users, I would like to those who do not want to destroy the wall for the time being, to make people install less convenient users is a good choice. Fixed type compared to suction cup type to be more reliable, but also according to towel rack materials, structure and wall conditions, wall nature is not very reliable, to install also to think of some ways, fixed screws recommended to use stainless steel. Some products are said to be solid, in fact, the nature is hollow, just for some reason to consider, in the hollow pipe with wood or sand and other materials.