Selection Of Material Types For Towel Racks

- Nov 30, 2018-

Space aluminum

1, said that is the use of aerospace equipment, the same "aluminum alloy" material known as "Space aluminum." In fact, the use of sanitary ware is only aluminum alloy materials, and aerospace equipment used in a very different, only the price of a lot of differences, the meaning of the Italian sanitary ware products are not able to use, if you want to use, it is impossible to be this price, besides, space equipment used in the "aluminum alloy" material is controlled,

Those who process sanitary ware aluminum alloy materials are rarely known as "space aluminum" materials, and there is no "space aluminum" this material grade. 

2, the "space aluminum" is said to never rust, but also a business promotion means, from scientific knowledge, in fact, should be said to be common sense, material surface spoilage phenomenon is: aluminum---oxidation, iron---rust, copper----green, stone---weathering, wood---decay, plastic---aging,------。

Sanitary ware products towel rack commonly used materials are mainly stainless steel, copper, but also the use of aluminum (aluminum alloy), iron, zinc, plastic and so on, a variety of materials are divided into many series, if necessary, in the "Practical hardware Manual" to understand. In contrast, the steel strength of stainless steel in the above materials is better.