Kadiyo Electric Towel Rack: We Welcome Peer Competition, But Refuse To Copy And Cottage

- Feb 28, 2019-

Has been plagiarized and never surpassed! Refused to the cottage, look for Kadiyo

The infringement problem is hard to prevent, it is really a headache. Due to the low cost of illegality and inadequate supervision, the plagiarism of the e-commerce platform and the electric towel rack industry has become the hardest hit. As the leading brand in the electric towel rack industry, recently found a lot of merchants plagiarizing our products on Taobao. Here, Kadiyo apologizes to the consumers and makes a solemn statement: We welcome peer competition, but refuse to plagiarize and copy the cottage. !

Different from the current no-quality, no-innovation, purely relying on the cottage, low-cost tolling towel rack, the core selling point of the Kadiyo electric towel rack is the unique design + carbon fiber dry heating mode + intelligent precision temperature control.

Ten years ago, Kadiyo started with a regular towel rack and now uses smart technology to bring people a comfortable bathroom experience. A wide range of products, the series of electric towel racks include: stainless steel, copper, low carbon steel, etc., and has a strong non-standard customization ability, which can be developed for customers with special needs. The heating mode of the product has also evolved from the initial heating tube heating and alloy heating wire heating to a more advanced human carbon fiber dry heating mode. It has become the current electric heating with excellent thermal efficiency, uniform temperature and long service life. The preferred product for the towel rack market.

For ten years, for Kardio, it is a long-distance running that insists on quality and innovation. In the fierce fight against the market share of domestic electric towel racks, Kadiyo is not eager to achieve success and expand production scale to obtain greater profits. Instead, it is in line with the development of the times, introducing international design concepts and attitudes towards life, constantly seeking new ideas and forging ahead, paying attention to the core needs of users, and transforming from function to quality in the name of technology, and designing with temperature.

    Up to now, the Kadiyo brand has applied for more than 130 patents, and has passed ISO9001 international quality system certification, and CE, HOSE, CCC and other product quality certification. As a brand enterprise established more than ten years ago, Kadiyo has always been a zero tolerance attitude towards intellectual property infringement. In the face of the market's products in the market, we will fight hard and protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers!

Every change in innovation is to make your life become a reality. Thank you for supporting the brand of Kadiyo electric towel racks. Even if they are plagiarized, we will continue to innovate and make better electric towel racks that are more suitable for consumers!