Kadiyo Electric Heated Towel Rack New Release

- Jan 24, 2019-

      People is exploring ceaselessly on the road of innovation, more and more families had deeper understanding to intelligent household concept, towel of intelligent electric heat is worn become the indispensable one member in the space that defend bath gradually. In 2019, the arrival of cardio electric towel rack welcomed a new member. It remains to be seen what impact they will have on our lives as they leapfrog the traditional towel rack model and become innovators in smart technology.


Modelling is varied, warm changeless, comfortable defend bath one key clear

In the aspect of appearance modeling, continue the simple design style of kadiyo, black Nordic wind simple atmosphere, frame 304 stainless steel matte material, metal surface smooth texture; The air pole rotates 180 degrees and is hung in layers for drying. Considering the overall appearance of the towel rack, the switch is designed on the side and the one-key integrated control system enables the automatic constant temperature of 40~44 degrees to save worry and effort.


At present, life aesthetics is popular, and personalized design is increasingly favored by young people. In the aspect of appearance modeling, movable towel rack is the biggest highlight of floor style. Jumping out of the traditional frame of towel rack, the trapezoid design of appearance is full and round with black and white interpretation of decisiveness and delicacy. The perforation-free design weakens the device sense of the product and strengthens the warm concept of home. It can be moved anywhere in the home.

Carbon fiber -- good heating core is the heart of intelligent operation of electric towel rack

In terms of heating core, compared with the traditional heating rod and goldilocks hotline products, the new towel rack of cardio still adopts the most advanced and beneficial carbon fiber dry heating mode on the market.

The thermal efficiency is as high as 97%, and the heat is not lost. The temperature can reach 55~70 degrees in 10 minutes after plugging, the temperature can be rapidly and evenly heated, and the wet towel can be dried in two hours. Greatly improve the air drying efficiency, blocking 99% of bacteria, every close contact with the towel, can feel the warmth from the inside out.

At present, consumers are the new generation of consumer groups, in the purchase of intelligent bathroom products, in addition to the value of product appearance, quality and cost performance, its technology content can not be ignored.

This new product is announced, Kadiyo gives more black technology element. Intelligent temperature sensor + overheating protection device + independent IC chip, three components of intelligent support, the user can connect the device through the wireless control panel or download the Kadiyo mobile phone APP remote control the towel rack at home, real-time monitoring and adjustment of the towel rack surface temperature. The four operation modes of drying, heating, constant temperature and timing can be switched seamlessly. The precise temperature control can make the bacteria have no place to escape and bring an unprecedented comfortable bathroom experience.