Introduction To Towel Rod

- Nov 30, 2018-

Towel rods are used for hanging towels and consist of two supports of one or two crossbar of metal objects.

Generally installed in the bathroom, easy to hang towels. Towel Rod is composed of two supports with one or two crossbar, generally installed in the bathroom wall, used to hang hanging towels. From the material division, generally divided into: all copper towel rod, stainless steel towel rod, aluminum alloy towel rod.

Among them to count the aluminum alloy towel rod cost-effective, and its surface can be made into a variety of effects to meet the personalized needs of modern home furnishings, so in recent years began to dominate the market. Towel rod size is generally 50cm,60cm,80cm,100cm and so on.

The appropriate size can be selected according to the bathroom size.