How To Buy Towel Rack

- Nov 30, 2018-

First, from the quality of choice, all copper towel rack is the best, followed by aluminum alloy towel rack, and again is stainless steel towel rack, and finally zinc alloy towel rack.

Of course, this should also be based on the hotel's economic capacity and grade to consider comprehensively. Second, according to the moisture-proof ability to choose. Because the towel rack is in a humid environment, it is very important to determine the moisture-proof and anti-corrosion function of the towel rack.

When we buy, we should give full consideration to the material of towel hanging, so make a choice. Third, before installation, you can pinch the towel hanging end of the hanging rod, the other hand from one head to the other side of the wipe, the quality will touch the small burr, and even have peeled off the lacquer film. These ills are hard to find by the naked eye. Also pay attention to the plating and coating quality of each shelf base. The angle of view and the incident light are 70° or so relatively easy to detect and have no defects.