Electric Towel Warmer Heating Mode Selection - Carbon Fiber And Alloy Line Which Is More Suitable For Home Use?

- Jan 30, 2019-

  When buying electric heated  towel rack, choice heats means to also have greatly exquisite! Different heating methods are suitable for different places, such as hotel and home towel rack is very different. Let's not talk about the heating rod products which are gradually eliminated. Today, I will mainly talk about the alloy heating wire products and carbon fiber products which are common in the market.


The towel rack is heated by alloy wire, and the alloy heating wire (silicone heating wire) with high resistivity is built in. Alloy hair wire products fashion variety, long service life, but the efficiency of electric heat conversion than carbon fiber. General power only dozens of W, with stainless steel frame, drying effect is poor, more suitable for hotel use. And with the change of the temperature of the four seasons inversion surface temperature winter summer difference is bigger. It's hotter in summer and cooler in winter. It does not have the effect of indoor heating.

 The towel rack adopts carbon fiber heating method, and the built-in double carbon fiber heat conducting wire makes the current passing through generate higher heat energy. Adopt the towel wearing power of this kind of heating way to be in commonly 400w above, heat up faster more even, do not have above hot below cool phenomenon, calorific value is big, highest can achieve 70 degrees, the clothes that air does not work, towel, dry the effect is better, can be the little sun bath bully in toilet is used. In addition to being used as a heater, carbon fiber products can also achieve accurate temperature regulation, smart phone remote wireless control, more suitable for home use.

 if you want to use as an electric heater, carbon fiber electric towel rack is the best choice. Carbon fiber and alloy wire products will do the job if you only use them to dry towels, bath towels and children's clothes. In contrast, carbon fiber products are more suitable for home use, alloy line products are more suitable for hotel use.