Analysis Of Heating Principle Of Electric Heated Towel Rack

- Jan 29, 2019-

         We know the towel rack can be folded towel rack and not folded towel rack, bathroom dehumidification but whether folding or hang in the above wet towel takes a long time to dry, summer is good, easy to dry, but the low temperature in winter, wet towel, wet clothes for a long time to dry, has been not words sometimes issued a stench, mildew. The occurrence of electric hot towel rack solved this problem very well. Below small make up with you to understand it. 


     Electric towel rack is a kind of high - tech products, is high - grade bathroom accessories. Plugged in, you can use the surface temperature of only around 50 degrees, not hot and dry the clothes when only two to three hours can not only clothes drying and won't will clothes burnt, after bathing in the warm, dry towel, put on dry clothes, it is great, but don't have to worry about towels, clothes for a long time not stem and mildew problem. Also because its temperature can reach 50 degrees, so heating towel rack also can serve as the auxiliary heating equipment of the bathroom, in the bathroom bath in winter also need not worry because of too cold catch a cold. 

    Electric towel racks are made of steel because they can be dried, so if someone says plastic towel racks can be heated when you buy them, that's bullshit. The small skill that a few choose and buy electric heat towel rack say below: 1. See raw material. Also is the steel, we must pay attention to the choice of electric towel rack is not low carbon steel, generally speaking, the material of low carbon steel in the welding welding spot is able to handle better. 2. See coating treatment, bath heating to see whether the coating surface is smooth, oxidation resistance is strong.

     Hold with the hand a few seconds commonly, after letting go of a hand, mist and handprint can disappear very quickly it is better to handle. Look at accessories. See the heating rod chip is able to limit the high temperature and can be high temperature fuse, this general ask the salesman can, in general, the chip set a high temperature limit to some safety, will not occur too high temperature damaged towels, clothing, etc..