A Probe Into The Rust Of Towel Rack

- Nov 30, 2018-

Copper chrome Towel rack

Raw materials are brass, copper "rust" and iron rust is not the same, then why sometimes there will be customers to reflect the rust of the home?

There are several scenarios:

1, towel rack coating is not well protected, resulting in damage to the coating, brass and air contact, in the humid environment may grow a "green copper."

2, did not often wipe, over time, some water on the surface to form dirt, and eventually appear spotted black spots.

3, poor water quality, containing metal ions, coupled with no regular wipe, or some sanitary dead corner area, these rich in metal ions water droplets and air action, a long time may produce rust.

Alumina towel rack

Pure Aluminum Products hardness is poor, and will be blackened, but after oxidation of alumina products, hardness has a great improvement, will not be blackened, good wear resistance, alumina products will not rust.

Stainless steel Towel rack

Low-grade stainless steel is rusty, the higher the chromium content of stainless steel, the less easy to rust, 304 stainless steel chromium content of 18%, good stability, strong corrosion resistance, even if the long-term in the humid environment will not rust.

Zinc Alloy Towel rack, Zinc alloy towels do not rust

But the quality is not as good as other materials, easy to break.

We understand the reasons for the rust of some towel racks, so in view of these may lead to rust, we should choose a towel rack in a comprehensive consideration of a variety of factors, to avoid the possibility of after-sales problems.