True and false resolution of carbon fiber electrothermal towel rack

- Nov 30, 2018-

At present, there are many water injection products and silicone hair hotline products impersonating carbon fiber electrothermal towel rack, so how do we distinguish between true and false carbon fiber electric towel rack?

Method 1:

1.Carbon fiber Electrothermal towel rack has the characteristics of rapid heating, and with intelligent thermostat. and heating pipe products warm up slowly, temperature control is silly temperature control.

2.Next, prepare the power meter. Two products need to be energized and power detected

3. Carbon fiber products power about 300w, while heating pipe products up to about 500w

Method 2:

1.After 10 minutes of electrification, we test the surface temperature with a thermometer gun.

2. The temperature of carbon fiber products has reached nearly 40 degrees, while the heating pipe products are only a few 20 degrees. The characteristics of fast heating of carbon fiber products are outstanding

3. Carbon fiber and Silicone hair hotline products are very similar, but at one point can be distinguished, silicone hair hotline temperature is not controllable, and after the power outage will soon cool down

Method 3:

1. The surface temperature of carbon fiber products is controllable

2. The temperature of the other two products will continue to soar, long touch will cause burns

3. Carbon fiber Electrothermal towel rack with 3C certification, waterproof grade Certification