Tips for the use of carbon fiber electrothermal towel rack

- Nov 30, 2018-

With the improvement of people's living standards, the family's old furniture continues to evolve into smart home, towel rack into electric, perhaps most people are still listening for the first time, the following to introduce you to the use of carbon fiber electric towel rack.

1. we need to make sure that the electric towel rack is turned on, first set the temperature to 55 °, at this temperature is the most comfortable temperature acceptable to the human body.

2. Hang the towel or towel in advance on the towel rack before the shower and preheat it in advance.

Washed clothes can also be hung together on top for drying.

3. After the rain and then wrapped in hot bath towels, after the winter will not be because of the cold and shiver. Then adjust the temperature control to the drying mode and then dry the washed underwear.