Healthy and environmental protection effect of electric towel rack

- Nov 30, 2018-

Antibacterial type Electrothermal towel rack can be heated to the bathroom air, winter play the role of heater, bathroom drying to reduce the growth of mold. Sterilization type of electrothermal towel rack ozone can be dispersed oxidation of towels sterilization, emitting into the air ozone will sterilize the air and remove odors, a short period of time without decomposition of ozone can automatically be converted into oxygen, health and environmental protection.

It is important to note that the closed steam towel rack should be used in accordance with the regulations to prevent accidental burns.

Electric towel rack generally can be dried wet towels, bath towels and clothing within two hours, will not be due to moisture and breed a large number of mold, bacteria, mites and other harmful bacteria and parasites. Experiments have shown that the growth rate of bacteria in wet conditions is 50 times times lower than in dry conditions, electrothermal towel rack products effectively inhibit the breeding of towels or clothing bacteria, fundamentally care for the health of the family.