Electric Towel rack Mounting

- Nov 30, 2018-

The electric towel rack is fitted with nail-free mounting and nail mounting, clear line installation and dark lines installation.

Nail installation needs to use electric drill on the tile wall drilling, professional installation only a short 10 minutes, the hotel can be in the case of non-stop bathroom renovation.

The clear line installation is mostly an external controller, and the dark lines installation requires a power cord to be reserved in the wall. Nail-free installation for Europe and the European epidemic, the requirements of the design structure can use nail-free glue, at this time must be installed nail-free operation norms to use, the advantage is low installation costs, no need for professionals, no electric drill, protection of tile wall, the disadvantage is that the hanging board needs to have 24 hours of dry glue, that is, 24 hours Of course, the nail-free mounting structure can be compatible with nail mounting, especially the wooden wall is more convenient.