Classification of electric Towel rack

- Nov 30, 2018-

The electric towel rack is born to end the wet towel.

In the face of a variety of electric towel rack for purchase, it is necessary to distinguish the characteristics and uses of different electrothermal towel racks.

Electric towel rack In common is that towels can be heated drying and sterilization.

The different points are as follows: The most striking feature of the antibacterial type electrothermal towel frame is that there is a side-by-side electric heating rod structure, through thermal radiation and heat conduction to make the towel water evaporation, electrothermal rod heating elements and technical diversity. It realizes bacteriostatic through dry towels.

Its drawbacks are simple function, large power consumption, the advantage is that this type of electric rod frame can be used as a winter heating apparatus, open the use of heat can be distributed to the bathroom air. Sterilization type Electrothermal towel rack is a targeted product of towel sterilization care, the use of high-temperature steam sterilization closed structure, through ultraviolet and ozone characteristics to remove odors, towels for direct sterilization. Drying is heated by electric plate radiation, hot air from the bottom to the upper through the towel to achieve water evaporation. This kind of product structure is simple, the design is single-minded, the power consumption is small, the heat can not radiate to the air, therefore does not have the bathroom heating function.

But the non-winter season, especially the high temperature and high humidity plum rain season can be used with confidence.

Antibacterial sterilization towel rack is the combination of the first two kinds of towel rack, through dry heating can effectively remove bacteria and towels and other items can be effectively dried, such products can adjust the surface temperature, so it has the role of heating at the same time also has the drying effect.

Heating core classification

Electric towel rack There are two types of heating, one is the traditional water injection heating, one for intelligent dry heating.

The heat core of traditional water injection heating is heating rod

The heating core of intelligent dry heating is a carbon fiber hair hotline

Heating component Classification

The heating components of conventional water-injection heating are: heat rods, waters or heat conduction fluids

The heating components of intelligent dry heating are: carbon fiber hair Hotline